Personal Data

Name Nike
Age 13
Birthday October 21
Blood Type O
Height 118 cm
Weight ?
Favorite Food
Romantic Interest Kukuri
Anime Debut Departure! Boering Village!
Manga Debut


Nike (pronounced Nee-kay) is the "Hero" of the show, and as well as the protagonist. Nike's father Bado had always wished to be a Hero but, due to the lack of any great evil to fight against, he had to give his dream up. Still, he made his son undergo hard training as a child in hopes that one day a great evil would arise and Nike could fight it. Because of this Nike is a competent, although cowardly, fighter; like Kukuri he is initially immature and inexperienced. Nike is from Jimina Mura (which translates to Plain Old Town).

Initially Nike wants to be a Wizard as he finds the thought of casting a fireball "cool", though his parents convince him to choose the Hero. He initially thinks that he is of the Hero class, as do others. It is later revealed that he is a Thief. Despite this he can use all the abilities of the Hero class, including Gallant Pose, which only a Hero can do.

Bado is Nike's father. He received a critical hit in the form of a punch the first time he held the infant Nike. After that he trained Nike to be a Hero. Right before the departs for Kodai castle he offers him his old helmet. The helmet is cracked, but Nike suggests he will wear it by tilting it to the side. Bado kicks Nike into the air and keeps the helmet saying that he looks like a gang leader.

Rena is Nike's mother. She knocks out Nike with a poison dart when he tries to flee. She cooks him a meal that resembles an adventuring map. Nike has to eat things in the proper order, which he does not, and ends up poisoned.