Gail is a rival of Nike's for the role of hero of the kingdom. He is listed as a level 8 Warrior with 50 HP and 72 MP.


In the manga, Gail and Ena are seen during the test which would reveal the legendary hero who would save the kingdom of Kodai by defeating the Demon Lord Giri.

In order to be aknowledged as the legendary hero, Gail had to pick a sword.  However, he ended up picking a set of rock, paper, and scissors instead.

He disappears afterward alongside Ena.

Anime (Mahoujin Guru Guru)Edit

In the 1994 TV series, Gail appears alongside Ena having a similar role as the original manga.  He and Ena keep making appearances during which Gail claims to be the real hero while interrupting any battle which Nike and Kukuri may have.  However, he is constantly being defeated, only to be carried away by Ena.

It is later revealed that he and Ena mainly use their money for items and rarely buy food, so they always lose as a result.

Since Doki Doki Legend Mahoujin Guru Guru is based on 11 volumes of the original Gail and Ena are absent. They do not even appears in flashback of the time which Nike was acknowledged as the legendary Hero.